How to Become a Pirate?

Ahoy me hearties! Sure, it's fun to say things like "Arrr!" and "Shiver me timbers," you can even celebrate International Talk Like a Pirate Day on September 19th, but here – at Tip Shack, we’re going to tell you how everything it takes to actually become a pirate. Read on or “Ill skewer yer gizzard, ye salty sea bass... Avast!”

Cognitive biases; how your mind plays tricks

Humans are not rational by definition. Emotion drives more of our decisions than logic and we all suffer from cognitive biases, systematic errors in thinking that distort our perception. Psychologists have identified over 100 of these thinking biases that arise from various processes or limitations, from limits to brain capacity to the desire to be liked or included in a group.

5 Tips to Develop Critical Thinking Skills

Critical thinking skills are essential to making good - or at least not bad – decisions; is it impossible to get pregnant the first time I have sex? Where should I bury the survivors of a plane crash on the border of the US and Canada? Do vaccines cause autism? What is the healthiest diet there is?

“Luke, I am your Father” and Other Famous Misquotes

A good quote can change the way you see your life, can give you boost when you need it, can act like a friend when you need one. Famous people’s wise words have traveled through history, some have forever been engraved in our collective memory, but many of the quotes we associate with a specific celebrity may not have been said by them at all!

12 Fun Ways to Relieve Stress

Stress is an evil of our modern society; people lead an increasingly stressful lives, whether be it work, home, finances or plain old uncertainty. Bu while experts state that a little stress can be good for you, it It helps if your stress reduction techniques can be fun as well.

Happy Couples – 5 Tips That Really Work

Being happy as a couple is not just about choosing the right partner and then thinking that everything is going to run smoothly. Being happy as a couple is a continuous learning process, and - that is why - in this article, we are going to outline 5 essential tips that will help you on your journey to become a happy, or happier, couple.