70 Things to Do When You’re Bored

If you in lock-down there’s a fair chance that you’re stuck at home and don’t know what to do. And when you don’t know what to do, you get bored. Boredom is a form of procrastination. There are lots of things we could or should be doing, but we put them off because we are “bored”. However, these moments are a great opportunity to try out all those things that you don’t normally have the time or the desire to do.

Choose to keep yourself busy and you’ll never be bored again, in fact staying in can be just as fun and productive as going if you if you have the inspiration. If you think hard enough there are hundreds of little things we are not used to doing that can brighten up our routine, so here are Tip Shack’s activity ideas for what to do when you’re bored:

Take a walk. Leave your phone at home and take a walk. Take the time to see what you’ve never had the chance to see. Admire the view, smell the roses, enjoy the moment.

(if its open) Go to the gym. You’ve probably been paying for months for that membership that’s been sitting in your drawer for nothing. So take the plunge, find out about the next class and go for it!

Buy some small dumbbells. The next time you don’t know what to do, work out and muscle up!

Get lost on Youtube. Clips, reports, funny videos… Watch whatever you like and have fun.

Tidy up. Don’t tackle the big job from the start. Start with your wardrobe, for example. Get rid of unnecessary things, fold up your clothes. You can even sort them out for more organization.

What to do when you’re bored – tidy up – rollers optional

Do some laundry. It’s often a deeply boring time: sorting the laundry, starting a machine, hanging it out, putting it away. If it seems tedious at the time, you’ll be glad to have clean, folded clothes afterwards.

Sort your e-mails. What a pain in the ass… Spam, spam and oh, more spam. In this endless list of uninteresting e-mails, you may be missing something important. Sit down and sort them out so you don’t add to the list.

Make yourself a good meal. You don’t always have time to cook. Except if you get bored, you have that precious time. So use the ingredients you find in your cupboards and cook a delicious meal that you’ll take the time to enjoy. You’ll be proud of yourself and you’ll have killed the boredom.

Polish your nails. It’s long, hard to do, never done properly. Basically, it pisses you off. But if you have time, you can apply it and you’ll be happy with the result.

Muscle your brain. Get into crossword/arrow/code puzzles, sudoku, puzzles… Anything, as long as you use your brainpower to the fullest.

Reinvent your decor. Repaint your furniture, move it around. In short, rearrange your interior.

Call an old friend. You haven’t heard from him for a long time. So call him or, better yet, make an appointment for coffee. You’ll have a good time.

Experiment with new hairstyles. You complain about doing your hair the same way every day. Then take the opportunity to try out new hair creations. At least you can practice without the risk of a slip just before a party.

Write postcards. You may not be lucky enough to live near your family and friends. To make them happy, buy a postcard and write them some small attentions.

Plan your future. On a piece of cardboard, cut out pictures and words found in old magazines. The goal is to envision what you hope for the future.

Stretch. You don’t always take the time to stretch properly. You don’t necessarily talk after a workout, but usually in the evening. You may have poor posture during the day, so there’s nothing better than taking care of your muscles when you get home.

What to do When You’re Bored – Stretch

Take a bath. With lots of bubbles! And above all, relax.

Create your profile on an online dating site. Singles, overcome your prejudices about applications and maybe you’ll make some nice encounters!

Update your resume. You’re not looking for a new job but make sure it’s up to date. You never know. Refresh it, you’ll be more responsive when an opportunity arises.

Meditate. Learn to be in tune with your body, heart, mind and breathing. To help you, there are even free applications. Meditate to refocus on yourself

Volunteer. Join associations and the next time you get bored, go help those in need.

Write a poem. Write a verse for your mother/father/sister/brother, lover, lover, friend… In short, to whoever you want. Tell him/her what you like about him/her and how much you care about your relationship.

Keep yourself busy – write a poem

Plan a party. Even if it’s just you and your partner! Is there any particular reason to celebrate? Life is far too short not to have fun. Throw out your invitations.

Get some rest. Take time for a nap, which has many positive effects on the body. Don’t feel guilty about sleeping for a whole afternoon. You probably need it.

Groom your pet. Your cat or dog looking a little shaggy? Our animal friends need a little pampering too?

Color. No, coloring isn’t just for kids. You too can take pencils and felt-tip pens to let your imagination run wild. There are some very nice coloring books available.

Wash your windows. Even if you clean your home regularly, you may not always think about washing your windows. This is your chance!

Listen to some music. Put on your feelgood playlist and let loose! Dance, sing and let off steam.

Catch episodes of your favorite TV show. Didn’t have time to finish your favorite series on Netflix? Well, now’s your chance.

Listen to a podcast. It’s not always easy to keep up with the news. So take advantage of your boredom to make up for it.

Write sweet words. Put them in the clothes/bags of the people you love to please them.

Start a blog. Ever dreamed of sharing your recipes, decorating ideas or whatever? It’s time to get started!

Get lost on Pinterest. Looking for theme ideas for a party? Tips on how to put together that pencil skirt you never dare to wear? Pinterest is a paradise of ideas. You’ll find everything you want.

Start a garden. Even if you are not lucky enough to have a plot of land big enough to create a beautiful vegetable garden, you can plant a few flowers on your balcony or even a small indoor garden.

Watch a documentary. Find something stimulating and educationaland learn something new about a topic you are interested in. Nature, sharks or for something more highbrow, TED talks are good mental stimulation

Write a journal. Yes, like our dear Bridget. Write down what’s going on in your life, how you feel. If you don’t like to write, you can do it audio.

Get nostalgic. Open an old photo album and think back to those happy memories.

Learn new things. A foreign language, the capitals of countries, how to use Photoshop with a tutorial on YouTube.

Make lists. List your goals: what you are looking for in a love relationship, the dishes you want to learn how to cook, the places you want to visit? (and then try to accomplish them).

Dance. Do the ‘Single Lady.’ In addition to having fun, you’re going to get some exercise.

Make a movie. You have a frantic Quentin Tarantino craving going through you? Let her express herself. Take your phone/camera and capture these unforgettable moments.

Declutter your wardrobe. Open your closets and ask yourself: do I really need all this? Follow the method of Marie Kondo, the priestess of sorting. What you no longer wear or what no longer fits you, bring it to clothing collections for those who need it. This allows you to help people and organize your things better.

What to do when you’re bored – declutter your wardrobe

Read. Go to your local library or bookstore to rummage through the shelves looking for a book to keep you busy.

Plan your next trip. Have you always dreamed of visiting Italy? Start finding out what you can do and get started!

Create a little indoor jungle. Run out and buy flowers or plants and let your imagination run wild to create a real little plant paradise.

Learn to play the guitar. It’s the coolest instrument by far, and perfect for playing by yourself or in a group.

Offer your help. It doesn’t cost anything to offer your help to friends for anything. You’ll have company and you’ll be busy rather than brooding on your couch doing nothing.

Prepare an “emergency plan”. Right, right. Not everyone panics at the thought of a nuclear or natural disaster that would force us to flee quickly. But you can prepare an emergency bag with bottled water, groceries, belongings and a notebook with your contacts if you feel the need. You can also find out what to do in the event of a hurricane or earthquake.

Shop online. If you get bored, you can hang out on the internet looking for a piece of decoration or those sneakers that make your eyes pop.

Make cocktails. Be a bartender for an hour to impress all your friends at your next party.

Sign up for classes. Cooking, calligraphy, theater, tennis… Give yourself a few sessions before giving up if you don’t like it. In addition to learning new things, you’ll meet new people…

Clean your makeup brushes. You use them almost every day, but sometimes you neglect and don’t wash them after each use. So do the big clean.

Make room in your phone. Photos, apps, numbers… Anything you’re not using, trash!

Perfect your massages. Your sweetheart points out that you don’t give him a massage often, and you retort that you’re not very good at it. Surprise him with a hot massage.

Fun things to do when you’re bored

Learn a magic trick. Impress your friends by mastering a trick that’ll have them guessing how you did it.

Adopt an animal. Has the dream of having a little fur ball never left you? Take the plunge. Go to shelters to adopt a dog or cat who dreams of having a family that loves him or her.

Do some research. Ever wondered how? You’ll have to research it.

Think about your next Halloween costume. It’s never too early to decide who (or what) you’re going to dress up as. Think about ideas to do together with your honey or BFF.

Become an expert in oenology. White, rosé, red, sparkling. Whatever your taste in wine, learn how it’s made, who the best producers are, what to pair it with… Become a wine expert. And know that the best way to learn about wine is to drink as much of it as you want. Plus, I hear it’s great for losing weight.

Fun things to do when you’re bored – oenology

Get into yoga. With its deep breathing and beneficial postures, yoga is a great way to distract your mind from boredom.

Discover new artists. Get out of your usual musical, artistic, cinematic habits and move towards a style that’s not to your taste. You’re sure to make some nice discoveries. Stroll on Youtube and let yourself be carried away by the suggestions.

Play games. You can release a board game you used to play when you were little. Or simply play a game of cards on your computer.

Take pictures. Play blogger by sharing your meal, your home decor, your pets, your outfits…

Write comments online. Share your experience on a product you bought to help undecided consumers. No need to be too positive or too negative. Give a fair feedback.

Create an Instagram account for your pet. Who knows? Maybe he’ll dethrone Grumpy Cat!

Empty your computer. Save all important documents on an external hard drive and get rid of unnecessary documents. Clean your computer and make the latest updates available.

Play a board game. Scrabble anyone? If word games are not your thing, then Monopoly, or any of the thousands of others to choose from. Most will provide lashings of fun and laughter.

Check your finances. Take the time to analyze your accounts. You may find a way to save more money.

Print out this list and cut out each idea. Put them in a small box. As soon as you get bored, pick it out and do what it says!

Try out some of these activities and you’ll never be bored again!

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