Tips on How To Take Perfect Instagram Photos

With over one billion users who actively post, like and comment, Instagram belongs to the most popular social networks worldwide. Insta-everything has changed the way we share food, fashion and all things fabulous. Your profile can speak volumes about your personality and preferences so needless to say; it is absolutely critical that your Instagram photos are nothing short of perfect.

These top tips will help boost your photography skills and rake in followers like never before.

Shoot With A Square In Mind

The first step to winning the Instagram game is to compose your Instagram photos with a square in mind. Without extending your imagination to see this shape, you will find that your Instagram photos appear lackluster and boring after cropping them to shape. If you are shooting your subject from a short distance, ensure that you leave enough room for cropping and positioning. If you want to up your Instagram game, you must start seeing the world in squares. Tips on How To Take Perfect Instagram Photos
Shoot With A Square In Mind

Understand Lighting Is Key

Light is one of the biggest photography factors, so trust us when we say that lighting can make or break your photographs. We absolutely love the softness that comes with natural light, with early morning and sunset sun usually casting the softest glow. Try to use the flash of your phone as little as possible. Tips on How To Take Perfect Instagram Photos
Early morning light

iPhone users have the added benefit of playing with the lighting by adjusting the focus of the camera – simply tap on the screen and you will find that the camera focuses on this point. Intelligent use of lighting can really take your photography to the next level.

Beware The Instagram Camera

While the Instagram app have its own camera, you are much better off using the original camera application on your phone and then importing the photographs into Instagram when you post. Not only does this allow you to shoot in slow motion and zoom as you please; it also makes your Instagram photos markedly superior. Tips on How To Take Perfect Instagram Photos
Beware the Instagram Camera!

Come Closer

Playing with depth and distance can make your photographs come alive like nothing else. Unfortunately, most phone cameras seem to capture more than we wish they would and these background elements often detract from the subject we are focusing on. It can be a good idea to let the subject fill the entire frame of the photo, so don’t be afraid to move in closer and photograph an object from a short distance. This works especially well in bringing out the details of flowers, jewelry, exquisite culinary dishes and more. Tips on How To Take Perfect Instagram Photos
Instagram Photos, Come Closer

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Experiment With Applications

While Instagram provides you with a host of filters to choose from, a combination of one or more filters can often achieve better results. Better yet, play around with other applications that can offer more sophisticated editing options. Don’t hesitate to add quirky frames, funny captions and other graphic elements to bring out the essence of your picture! Play around with different permutations until you discover your signature style.

Break All The Rules

While it certainly helps to know a few tips and guidelines, some of the best photos break every rule imaginable. They’re your Instagram photos, so trust your gut feeling, and don’t be afraid to ignore all the composition tips and guidelines if that feels right and looks right to you. Tips on How To Take Perfect Instagram Photos
Break all the rules!

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